Once bitten twice shy…

I always said that the day Faith bites me is the day I stop breastfeeding.

Tonight Faith bit me for the second time.

The first time was the middle of the night, she wouldnt go to sleep and was screaming and wouldn’t be calmed, I offered her the boob to see if that would help and she bit me.  It wasnt her fault, it wasnt mine.  She was angry and frustrated.  Children bite when they cant contain or express anger and frustration.  Especially when they cant talk.

In fact I thought it was quite funny because earlier that day I was speaking to Sharon about breastfeeding and biting and had said that Faith had never bitten me… Ok, Im not sure why that would be funny 🙁

Tonight I came home and Faith was still awake, very sleepy and about to doze off and I decided to offer her the boob since the last time she had milk was 3 hours earlier and it often sends her to sleep.  Well, she opened her mouth no problem, didnt make a single sound and then bit me again.

Those two little chompers are bloody sharp!

Im a little hesitant to put my boobs anywhere near her mouth again.  Im not sure what to do.  Do I stop breastfeeding and go with formula?  Do I keep trying, never knowing when she will decide to bite?  Do I express and offer bottles (that she doesnt take from me, the one who gets up for her in the night…)?

I also always said that I would only breastfeed until she was a year old, thats in just under two months time.  Also, expressing isnt that great, I definitely dont get as much milk expressing as I do when she sucks.  Also, if I stop breastfeeding her I will lose my beautiful C cup boobs (selfish reason to keep going, I know).

So, what do you guys think?