Once bitten twice shy…

I always said that the day Faith bites me is the day I stop breastfeeding.

Tonight Faith bit me for the second time.

The first time was the middle of the night, she wouldnt go to sleep and was screaming and wouldn’t be calmed, I offered her the boob to see if that would help and she bit me.  It wasnt her fault, it wasnt mine.  She was angry and frustrated.  Children bite when they cant contain or express anger and frustration.  Especially when they cant talk.

In fact I thought it was quite funny because earlier that day I was speaking to Sharon about breastfeeding and biting and had said that Faith had never bitten me… Ok, Im not sure why that would be funny 🙁

Tonight I came home and Faith was still awake, very sleepy and about to doze off and I decided to offer her the boob since the last time she had milk was 3 hours earlier and it often sends her to sleep.  Well, she opened her mouth no problem, didnt make a single sound and then bit me again.

Those two little chompers are bloody sharp!

Im a little hesitant to put my boobs anywhere near her mouth again.  Im not sure what to do.  Do I stop breastfeeding and go with formula?  Do I keep trying, never knowing when she will decide to bite?  Do I express and offer bottles (that she doesnt take from me, the one who gets up for her in the night…)?

I also always said that I would only breastfeed until she was a year old, thats in just under two months time.  Also, expressing isnt that great, I definitely dont get as much milk expressing as I do when she sucks.  Also, if I stop breastfeeding her I will lose my beautiful C cup boobs (selfish reason to keep going, I know).

So, what do you guys think?

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  1. I can’t help giggling – sorry. Having your boob bitten is no fun, perhaps this is your sign she is ready to move on to the next step. But I do understand your hesitance to stop. I really really didn’t want to stop either.

  2. Sheesh, tough one… Maybe considering that she doesn’t sleep very well formula might help that, but then again if your goal was 1 year it’s so close. I think have a long chat with Faith & see if she’s prepared to stop munching on your boobs lol! (Sorry…)
    Good luck! X

  3. I am struggling with a similar decision and actually wanted tweet you about it the other day. Should I wean or not? In my mind I also had the 1 year mark and although Ash receives formula during the day, I do still breastfeed in the eve, her early morning feed and on weekends.

    Ash has also bitten me several times already. I encountered her sharp teeth again this morning. I am also not sure why she bites, it’s very random so I cannot actually determine the cause.

    But yes I have been playing with the idea of weaning her but then again I want her to lead me by indicating when she is ready to stop. I am really in two minds about this and have actually decided to take each day as it comes. Already we have replaced her bed time feed with a bottle and for the last two nights she has skipped her usual 11PM feed and only wanted to fee again at 2AM. So I guess what I am doing is slowly weaning her and mentally getting myself ready.

    Let’s face it, I loved being able to BF her. I really did but at this stage trying to be super mom is wearing be down and I cant keep up any more. Life is just too demanding and I can be a much better mother when I am rested and healthy.

    So, I know I just wrote an entire post on it’s own but maybe it helps in some small way.

  4. The Princess just stopped breastfeeding at about 9/10 months – she just refused – no biting, just asking for a sippy cup. The boys would have continued on but I had to stop at just after a year due to an infection I had and anti biotics. But all 3 of them bit me and I dealt with it by pushing them immediately to the breast and smoldering them so that they feel out of breath (breastfeeding consultant advice). It worked with A and C but not with L (early indication of sensory issues???) – with him I was “bad” mommy and gave him a quick very light slap on the hand. It worked – was the last bite.

  5. Tough one since it is so close to the date you wanted BUT you also did have the “when she bites” rule?

    I was going to say what Ankia said that the formula may help her sleep better at night and maybe if Paul has to get up for her – even just in the begining that may also make her sleep better?

    But there are ways around the biting – I never fed long enough for my kids to try it but I would not have been impressed :-p

    My advise – go with your gut – ask yourself the question and answer immediately – no hesitation – THATS what you do!

  6. Emmett bit me once or twice. I found immediately removing my boob and put him down put a stop to it.

    And I hear you on not wanting to lose the lovely breastfeeding boobs – they are fabulous, aren’t they? I miss mine now that I’m finished feeding.

    Best of luck with whatever you decide!

  7. I agree with the advice of intermittentblogger – same strategy worked for me, if she bites take her off, and tell her firmly ‘no biting’ – biting often coincides with teething, so take this into account. It would be a shame to stop bfing as ALL research shows that the longer you bf the better your child’s physiological and immune development and the higher their IQ – did you know that WHO and the AAP recommends bfing for at least 2 years!

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