New header

Have you seen my new header?  Look up.

The lovely Tanya at {Snapping Turtle Design & Print} designed my blog theme and kindly allowed me to bug her into updating 2 of the pictures in my header.

I cannot get over how big my kids have gotten!


Ps. If you cant see the new header hit ‘F5’ to refresh 😉

All ladies love shoes

Thats what my mug says!

I attended the first Ladies on Lunch (LoL) event today.  I had such a great time!

I met some Twitter/blog ladies that I follow for the first time face to face and got to chat a little to some of the gals I have already met.

Part of the LoL tradition is to bring a tea cup and saucer or a mug and swap with another lady.

At the end of lunch we all swapped our tea cups/mugs and I got Sally-Jane’s mug…

I love it!

Thank you to Laura and Wenchy for organising!

If you want to find out more about LoL and the next lunch just click on the button on the top right hand side of the page.

Wish List

I have so many things I need want to get for myself I thought I would put them down in writing.  Maybe this will help me prioritize and even motivate me to get my arse in gear and make a plan to get these things.

Photo frames – I have a ton of family photos I want to put up in my dining room, one of the walls is painted a deep red and I think it would make a really great feature.  I want to frame everything in black and silver and randomly scatter the photos on the wall using various frames.

New lingerie – I have very serviceable undies, some of them very sexy too but I want to treat myself to some REALLY sexy stuff.

Shoes – I am very lazy when it comes to shoes, I buy a pair I like then wear them until they fall apart.  I also tend to go for flat comfy shoes and I think its time to start wearing more interesting funky shoes.

ghd – I won a competition last year to attend a ghd Style Lounge event.  It was awesome and one of the friends I went with won a ghd.  I can borrow it whenever I want but i really want my own one!

A holiday – I can cross this one out cause we have booked to go to The Nest in the Drakensburg at the beginning of September.  I CANT WAIT!

Visit my brother – he is in the army in Israel and I really miss him!

Blog more – ok, so this one isn’t going to cost me anything more than time but I have been finding it very difficult to blog at the moment, writers block I guess.  So I promise myself to make an effort to blog more!!!