Wish List

I have so many things I need want to get for myself I thought I would put them down in writing.  Maybe this will help me prioritize and even motivate me to get my arse in gear and make a plan to get these things.

Photo frames – I have a ton of family photos I want to put up in my dining room, one of the walls is painted a deep red and I think it would make a really great feature.  I want to frame everything in black and silver and randomly scatter the photos on the wall using various frames.

New lingerie – I have very serviceable undies, some of them very sexy too but I want to treat myself to some REALLY sexy stuff.

Shoes – I am very lazy when it comes to shoes, I buy a pair I like then wear them until they fall apart.  I also tend to go for flat comfy shoes and I think its time to start wearing more interesting funky shoes.

ghd – I won a competition last year to attend a ghd Style Lounge event.  It was awesome and one of the friends I went with won a ghd.  I can borrow it whenever I want but i really want my own one!

A holiday – I can cross this one out cause we have booked to go to The Nest in the Drakensburg at the beginning of September.  I CANT WAIT!

Visit my brother – he is in the army in Israel and I really miss him!

Blog more – ok, so this one isn’t going to cost me anything more than time but I have been finding it very difficult to blog at the moment, writers block I guess.  So I promise myself to make an effort to blog more!!!

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