Breast feeding and vomit and sleep deprivation… Oh my!

Breast feeding

So far so good.  Faith latched straight away and basically hasn’t stopped.

With Aaron, my milk only came in on day 4 or day 5, I started pumping as soon as it did so that Paul could do some night time feeds.  Im not sure if the pumping or bottle feeding effected my milk supply but by the beginning of the 2nd month we were supplementing with formula.  Part of that was also to do with not being comfortable breast feeding in public.

This time round Im determined to breast feed as long as possible, I havent started pumping yet, but I will in the next few days or so.  I want to freeze a good supply so that when I go back to work Faith will still get breast milk.  Also, being older and wiser (haha), I just dont give rocks what people think if I breast feed in public.  In fact I almost want someone to make an issue out of it so that I can take a stand, whip out a boob and say that I am proud to be a public breast feeding mommy!

The other main factor to keep breast feeding is cost.  Formula  is freaking expensive and as long as I can provide milk why not!



Oh yeah… vomit… Thank heavens Faith is not as bad as Aaron was.  Aaron projectiled. Faith just spits up.  Usually while I am lying with her on top of me, so it goes all over me… yuck!

Still, newborn vomit is soooooo much better than  3 year old vomit!


Sleep deprivation

I have not missed sleep deprivation at all.  I am a zombie.  My worst time during the night is between 12am and 3am… Faith likes to cluster feed during that time, so I just lay on the couch in her room with her attached to one or other of my boobs, catching cat naps while she feeds.  Unfortunately buy the time she goes to sleep again I am wide awake…  Also I am really not a morning person, so when she wakes up and the sun is shining and she wants to be alert and held and played with all I want to do is sleep.

Paul has been great, he usually gets up with her when the sun rises, changes her, rocks her and talks to her until she gets cross because he isn’t feeding her, then he brings her to me in bed and she feeds while I sleep.

Like I said earlier, Im going to start pumping soon and as soon as we hit the 6 week mark, Paul is going to introduce his daughter to the wonders of bottle fed breast milk and 12am feeding/bonding time with dad 😉


All in all Im doing ok, just a few small hurdles to overcome, a few things to get used to and before you know it we will be in a routine and we will both be happy and  a bit more awake 🙂

Up-size me!

When I was pregnant with Aaron I went from a nondescript (almost) B cup to a respectable C cup.  After I stopped breast-feeding a returned to my B cup.  I enjoyed having a fuller bust.  I filled out my shirts and I felt feminine and womanly.  Dont get me wrong, I am perfectly happy with my  B cups, I dont feel less of a woman because I have small breasts but I really enjoyed the fullness of my baby boobs and also having a cleavage!

I asked Paul if he would be upset if I had a breast enlargement.  His response: “How can I ask a man a question like that”?

I have always said that if I am going to do it then I would wait until after we had decided that our family was complete.  I live in hope that when we one day fall pregnant again my breasts will stay larger even after Im done breast-feeding.  It would save me a ton of cash for one thing.

If, more likely when, I have it done, I will probably stick with a C cup.  More research is called for and a savings plan would probably be a good idea too!

Any thoughts on the topic?  Anyone done it and not been happy with the results?  Anyone so happy with the results they accost random stranger and urge them to have it done too?