Up-size me!

When I was pregnant with Aaron I went from a nondescript (almost) B cup to a respectable C cup.  After I stopped breast-feeding a returned to my B cup.  I enjoyed having a fuller bust.  I filled out my shirts and I felt feminine and womanly.  Dont get me wrong, I am perfectly happy with my  B cups, I dont feel less of a woman because I have small breasts but I really enjoyed the fullness of my baby boobs and also having a cleavage!

I asked Paul if he would be upset if I had a breast enlargement.  His response: “How can I ask a man a question like that”?

I have always said that if I am going to do it then I would wait until after we had decided that our family was complete.  I live in hope that when we one day fall pregnant again my breasts will stay larger even after Im done breast-feeding.  It would save me a ton of cash for one thing.

If, more likely when, I have it done, I will probably stick with a C cup.  More research is called for and a savings plan would probably be a good idea too!

Any thoughts on the topic?  Anyone done it and not been happy with the results?  Anyone so happy with the results they accost random stranger and urge them to have it done too?

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  1. This is something I have also thought about for a long, long time. I came really, really close to getting them done while we lived in Dubai – had the money, had a consultation with a surgeon, agreed on the size, type, incision, etc. All I needed to do was book the date.
    And then I spent the money on a year’s tuition and books instead…

    And then we came back to SA and I had two more babies, so it was just as well.

    I’m still breastfeeding at the moment and therefore am not doing much (read anything at all!) about losing the pregnancy weight and getting back into my normal clothes. But when #babyparkins goes off the boob and I can shake off the extra kilos, I’ll be taking a serious look at the state of my boobs as well. And then I just might have another look at getting them done.

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