How many?

We have one TV.  It is in our lounge/playroom.  During the day, when Aaron is not playing outside or at school it is tuned to CBeebies or Aaron has a DVD going*.  Paul and I watch an hour, or maybe two at the most, in the evenings.

Im seriously considering getting another TV for our bedroom.  I always said that I would never have a TV in the bedroom, but with Aaron around, especially on the weekends, its difficult to get some adult TV time in during the day.  I fetch Aaron from school and spend an hour with him before going back to work.  Sometimes I just want to watch a bit of Home Channel or Discovery…

Im not sure that is motivation enough to buy another set…

So here is my question.  How many TV’s do you have and what, if anything, is your motivation for having that many?

*Yes, Aaron watches TV, probably more than is ‘acceptable’ but we try get him to watch educational TV as much as possible.

If its not one thing…

Getting Aaron to sleep has become easier, much less crying and screaming.  Getting him to stay asleep, now thats a diferent story.

We were  woken up at least once or twice last night and that was before the 4:45am wake up call.  From then on it was play, play, play!

Eventually I took the little darling to the lounge to watch CBeebies.  Thank Gd for my iPod Touch.  I played backgammon while trying to keep my eyes open for almost two hours.