How many?

We have one TV.  It is in our lounge/playroom.  During the day, when Aaron is not playing outside or at school it is tuned to CBeebies or Aaron has a DVD going*.  Paul and I watch an hour, or maybe two at the most, in the evenings.

Im seriously considering getting another TV for our bedroom.  I always said that I would never have a TV in the bedroom, but with Aaron around, especially on the weekends, its difficult to get some adult TV time in during the day.  I fetch Aaron from school and spend an hour with him before going back to work.  Sometimes I just want to watch a bit of Home Channel or Discovery…

Im not sure that is motivation enough to buy another set…

So here is my question.  How many TV’s do you have and what, if anything, is your motivation for having that many?

*Yes, Aaron watches TV, probably more than is ‘acceptable’ but we try get him to watch educational TV as much as possible.

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  1. I only have one…then again…i live on my own and rarely watch tv to begin with. *sigh* sorry honey…i can’t actually help you here at all:)

  2. We have a TV in our lounge and one in our room. We have two because my husband likes playing Playstation so at least i can go lie in bed and keep myself busy with some TV while he’s saving the world 🙂

  3. We only have one, because the place we’re renting come with one. The new place we will be renting has two 🙂

    i’m all for having a separate kids tv, especially now that shae’s developed a fetish for several movies i find incredibly annoying!!

    1. Aaron watches the same DVD’s over and over… there are only so many times I can watch Finding Nemo or The Incredibles…

  4. We have two – on in my bedroom and on in the playroom. My kids want tv’s in their rooms but I absolutely refuse.

  5. We have 2 as some of the series we watch are not suitable for Tash. Then she can. Watch Disney or a DVD.
    But we also have 2 sets as I remarried and each had a set. Usually one on sport/history for him, the other for her.

    1. Ja, we try watch our TV after he is asleep, but then its so late we barely get through an hour before we want to crash 🙂

  6. We used to have 2. One in the lounge, one in the bedroom. My only rule about it was NO SPORT in the bedroom. Unless its something we both wanted to see. When we moved, we sold the older TV and just kept the one in the lounge, but now we find ourselves watching a movie on the laptop in bed after the kids are asleep. Having one in the bedroom does make sense for tired parents who want to ‘chill and watch’ but like I say, it would have driven me nuts if the hubby watched sport on it constantly – so it was only ever something we agreed on.

    1. We watch in the on the TV after he has gone to bed, but have been known to watch on the laptop too… not as comfy as a big screen though…

    1. I always always said never in the bedroom, but we only have one lounge/play room/family room so there wouldnt be anywhere else to put an extra set…

  7. We have two at this moment. One for the lounge area and one for our bedroom.
    The reason for this is because when we entertain guests or want to watch TV ourselves, we watch it in the living room and the kids can watch in our bedroom if they want to.
    Otherwise in the evenings when they are asleep, me and hubby’s taste in TV entertainment is not the same, so I watch in my bedroom and hubby in lounge.

  8. We have 3 tvs – 2 are in the storage space under our stairs.

    We have one in the lounge.

    At my moms house we had FIVE!

    One in my parents room, my room, Cams room and the 2 lounges – it was too much!

    David and I do not watch enough TV to justify it and honestly I really do not want a TV in my room (or the kids rooms) EVER!

    I have come to this realisation since moving out and noticing the difference in the kids with no TV – Cameron used to watch TOOO much TV and even now we have to force him to step away!

    Having said that though – a tv in the room will come in handy when baby arrives and the two of you dont want to move 🙂

  9. We have 3 t.v.’s. 1 in Joshua’s room that he never uses (it was a gift), one in the lounge that he uses to play WII or watch DVD’s, Barend and I don’t watch much and then there is a spare one in the so called kids play room that is never used.

    We removed the t.v. from our room to put the in the play room. Best thing eva, sex goes out the window with a t.v. in the room:)

  10. When Damien and I were alone, we had one, and we had to share it.
    Now, we have two- one in mine and Glugs’ bedroom and the other in the livingroom.
    Damien spends his time downstairs with the big one and Glugs and I spend our time upstairs with ours- watching what we want to watch.
    Sometimes I wonder if its a bad thing since we don’t spend much time together as a family… but in all honesty it has not harmed our love ife in the least!

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