Fun while it lasted!

So our 3 week Xbox 360 Kinect challenge has come to an end.

Unfortunately I never really stood a chance as I got sick, oink, 3 days into the challenge and it took me almost 2 weeks to recover.

At the end of 3 weeks this is what my stats look like:

  • Calories burned: 260 ­čÖü
  • Time spent: 2h 13m
  • Workouts: 4
  • Distance travelled: 5.1km
  • Average heart rate: 107 beats per minute
  • Average heart rate recovery time: 2 min 9 seconds
  • Weight loss: Im not entirely sure how much I lost but I DID lose weight, unfortunately I cant credit any exercise with the loss but I can credit being violently ill for almost a week ­čÖü

All in all this challenge was an epic failure for me but I did have fun while I was able to exercise.

  • I didnt have to get dressed and travel to a crowded gym.
  • I could workout in my pj’s (ok, only once but still) if I wanted to.
  • I could swear like a sailor at the terminally perky and upbeat personal trainer and he never took any offence.

Every shop that stocks Xbox and Kinect that we have come across in the last few weeks has had a visit from me, looking for the best deal on a complete unit.┬á I am definitely going to be getting me one of these babies in future ­čÖé

Looking forward to the winner being announced soon!!

Move it!

I am so excited.

I have been asked to participate in a mommy blogger challenge by Xbox 360 Kinect!

Basically we have to set a few SMART goals and then we have 3 weeks in which to do our best in reaching them.  The person who does the best (as judged by an Xbox representative) gets to keep their Xbox bundle!

I have never really been a gamer, the last console I owned was a Nintendo circa 1985 and my favourite games were Super Mario Bros and Tetris.

Having recently given birth to my second child and not doing ANY exercise (much to my gym bunny moms horror!) Im quite looking forward to giving the Kinect a bash.  My main goal is to raise my fitness levels and also to get Paul and Aaron involved in getting fit too.

Im looking forward to challenging myself and to seeing how my fellow mommy bloggers do too.

Speaking of which, let me introduce them to you.





Please take a moment to follow these lovely ladies and offer them some support and encouragement during our challenge!

Yellow Challenge

Laura posted a photo challenge on Female2Female, I immediately thought of this picture:

I took this in the Drakensberg last September, I had just discovered that my little Canon PowerShot SX100 IS has a Macro feature!

Im so chuffed by Female2Female challenges that I am going to create a category for them too.