Dinner Date

Megan posted this today and asked us who we would invite to dinner and who would cook.

Here goes…

  • Nelson Mandela (yes I know its a cliche but the man is an inspiration)
  • Sean Connery ( I could listen to that man talk for hours)
  • Princess Diana (I would love to hear her side of the story)
  • Albert Einstein (so he could explain to me, in baby talk, the theory of relativity)
  • My dad (I miss our conversations, also he would have come up with some great questions for my other guests)

As for who would cook, I think I would get take out, lots of different stuff, Chinese, Italian, Mediterranean, South African, sushi, shwarma, pizza, mezze, pap and gravy, hot dogs, borsht.  Why?  I think it would be interesting to see what my guests woud choose to eat 🙂

So, who would you have over for dinner and who would cook?