#ZombiePrompts Week 6

Share a DIY Tutorial for handmade Valentines

Yeah….. no.

No Valentines stuff.

I’ve never really celebrated Valentines Day when I was younger and Paul and I got married 2 days before Valentines so we rather celebrate our anniversary instead.

No DIY crafty stuff. 

I suck as crafty stuff. 

But in the spirit of #ZombiePrompts and for those of you who are crafty and do celebrate, here is a duct tape (I adore duct tape, no judgies!), DIY from the Instructables website.

Image from the Instructable

Duct Tape Roses


Projects for 2012

I am an avid Pinner.  I can spend hours browsing the boards and repinning everything and anything.

One of the boards I have is crafts and I am determined to complete at least a few of the projects I have pinned.

This one is going to definitely happen on payday this month!

I also have a ton of old formula cans and have been collecting all the tin and cans that we use  and I want to do a few of these in my garden.

These are the two projects I want to start with.  Once I have completed them I will add some more.  baby steps right?

*Click the images for more information on each project, all images from Pinterest!*