Projects for 2012

I am an avid Pinner.  I can spend hours browsing the boards and repinning everything and anything.

One of the boards I have is crafts and I am determined to complete at least a few of the projects I have pinned.

This one is going to definitely happen on payday this month!

I also have a ton of old formula cans and have been collecting all the tin and cans that we use  and I want to do a few of these in my garden.

These are the two projects I want to start with.  Once I have completed them I will add some more.  baby steps right?

*Click the images for more information on each project, all images from Pinterest!*

7 Replies to “Projects for 2012”

  1. Great way to recycle the cans for pot plants! I was chatting to a friend of a friend this weekend who lives in a small town about 90km’s from Cape Town. He works in a nursery and as a side project he teaches the local kids how to plant tomatoes in old Ricoffy cans so that they can grow their own food. The cans look really great against the green wall.

  2. LOVE the tins. And I WISH I that pinterest was around when my Child2 was still on formula. I would have had a field day with them by now…

  3. I have a few tins of left over paint in the garage, going to paint all the cans one afternoon with Aaron 🙂
    Then Im going to plant, herbs, spices, flowers and anything pretty 🙂

  4. I love the tins on the wall. I have a boring piece of wall that would look good with a few of those … however I have no formula tins 🙁 Big coffee tins are about the same size right?

    1. Coffee tins are perfect. Im also saving all my regular tins like from baked beans etc and will use those too, just plant smaller plants or flower like pansies etc…

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