I heart tech

I’ve said it before and I will say it again… Technology is AWESOME!

Like most families these days we are spread out all over the world.

My brother lives in Israel, my brother in law and his wife live in Cape Town and my sister in law, her husband and kids live in Australia.

Enter {Skype}, {Viber} and {FaceTime}!

Edited to add (2019): I am no longer an Apple user and a lot of people I know are not either, have no fear though, since I originally wrote this post (in 2013!), technology has advanced in leaps and bounds and there are now plenty alternatives to FaceTime if you are an Android user. Pop on over to Joy of Android to see how you can still chat face to face with your loved ones!

Its one thing to send emails and texts, even chatting on Facebook or Twitter.  Thats great for us adults.  But what about our kids?

My kids get such a kick out of talking to their aunts and uncles and cousins and actually seeing their faces on the computer or on dads phone.

When they hear the Skype ring tone on my computer they come running.

Yesterday made the importance of these kinds of technology so clear for me.

Self portraits taken with mommy's phone!
Self portraits taken with mommy’s phone!

Faith and I were lying on my bed playing and she saw my laptop.  She looks at it then at me and says ‘Call uncle Maffew!’

I Skyped him but he didnt answer, Faith was a little upset so I messaged him to see if he was there.  He said he wasnt and we could Skype the next day.  When I told Faith she stared to cry (my little manipulative princess!) so I called him on Viber, put him on speaker phone and the two of them chatted for about 5 minutes with a promise of a Skype call later today.

Faith was over the moon that she got to call uncle Maffew a stinky bum. And more over the moon that uncle Maffew called HER a stinky bum back.

The best part is that when my kids see their uncles, aunts and cousins, they know them, they have seen them and spoken to them and they are not ‘strangers’ 🙂

Once again, I heart tech!


Can I have a holiday please?

My mind has already taken its holiday, its hung a ‘Do not Disturb’ sign up, and posted an ‘Out of Office Reply’.

Last week, I rushed out of work, I was late to pick up the kids.  I pulled into Faiths school, rushed inside and the teacher says to me: ‘What are you doing here’? ‘What do you mean what am I doing here’? I asked.  ‘Um, you called us this morning to tell us Faith was sick and you were keeping her at home!’  DOH!

On Wednesday I left work, got all the way to my car only to realise that I had left my keys on my desk.

Also on Wednesday, I tool Faith to Kindermusik, brought her home, Aaron came home from swimming, I sat down with my book and my mom called.  I had totally forgotten I was supposed to take the kids over to her so they could play with their cousins who were visiting.

I really really need a break.  Can it be holidays now???

Happy Holidays

We spent this afternoon at family.  We ate, swam, ate some more.  The kids had a blast playing together.

From our family to your, we hope you have had a happy and peaceful holiday weekend 🙂

Bullet points

  • We have been doing the cycle of sick in my house.
  • Aaron and Faith followed by me, now Paul and Faith again.
  • I love the Jewish holydays, I am off work for about half this month.
  • Long weekends FTW!
  • My cell upgrade is due in just under two weeks, iPhone or the new Nokia N9, decisions decisions.
  • Aaron is loving swimming so much.  Its such a joy to watch.
  • Faith is crawling, although she is still lazy about it.
  • My first born child will be 4 (!!) in 21 days!
  • My second born child will be 1 (!!) in just under 2 months!
  • We have been counted.  Census 2011 was quick and painless.
  • Yesterday I must have slept for at least 18 hours and I slept last night.  Im still tired…
  • I dont think I have ever been quite as happy as I am right now 🙂
Paul and me at a reent family brekkie


So I am home, I have my laptop and internet access…

Here are a few pictures I took with my phone, most have been up on Twitter or Facebook already but I thought I would add them here again.

New ones coming shortly 😉

Big brother!
My family 🙂
With Uncle Cliff
Bobba (Pauls mom)
Nana (my mom)

P.s. theSQL will be named in Shul tomorrow morning.  Its tradition to name a baby girl during a Torah reading and the next one is tomorrow 🙂

How are we going to choose?

*This post has been coming for a week!*

Last Sunday we met Jenty (aka Jeanette) at the Johannesburg Botanical Gardens for our much anticipated photo shoot.

We had so much fun.  It took Aaron a little while to warm up but once he had he was so into it.  He ran, jumped, threw leaves, demanded attention, took Jeanette’s hand and led her around and just had an absolute ball.

The sneak peek Jeannette put up on her blog is amazing, I can barely choose my favourites from those ones, how in heavens name am I supposed to choose from the full batch we will be getting?

A wedding post

A few people have asked to see photos from my wedding.  I cant in good conscience just give you pictures without a bit of the story.

Paul and I were married just over four years ago.  We got married in the same shul my parents were married in.

Since we had decided to get married on the 12th not the 14th of February we decided we didn’t want roses, not only would they be cliché but damn expensive!

We decided on daisies and because they are my favourite flower in any colour we decided that our decor would centre around a multitude of daisies in every colour and type we could lay our hands on.

I didn’t want the retinue to be multicoloured as I wanted them to stand out so I decided on grey.  Because my SIL lives in Australia I decided that the bridesmaids and mothers could wear any grey they wanted, they could buy off the rack or have it made, it could have another colour with it as long as the predominant colour was gray.  My boy BFF had to be on my side of the retinue so to differentiate him from the other guys he wore a grey shirt while they all wore white shirts and we had grey ties and yarmulkes made for them.

As an aside, despite living on opposite sides of the world and having absolutely no contact with each other, my BFF and my SIL managed to find two unique outfits in the exact same material and shade of grey!

My dress was made for me by the same women who made my mothers bridesmaids dresses 28 years before.  It was adapted from a picture I found.  In retrospect the only change I would make to it would be to have one button on the coat.

So without further waffling, here are some of my favourite pics!

All the boys in the stairwell in my Grandfathers building
My Granny Fan, my mom and me
On the balcony outside my moms bedroom
My second mommy, Paulina and me
My two BFF
How could I not show you my shoes?
Just Married 🙂
Husband and wife
Right here, smiling at each other... not likely, we were counting the steps 😉
This right here captures the mood of the day!

Goodbye, but not really, but kind of really…

My brother-in-law and his girlfriend are moving.

They are moving far away but not too far.

They are making the great trek to Cape Town!

Im really really going to miss them.  We see them every week.  We go to movies together.  We are family!

Im really really going to miss them.


We have Skype, Twitter, Facebook and the good old telephone so we will be in touch all the time.

Did I mention Im really really going to miss them?

I am so happy for them, they are making a move for the better, better lifestyle, better jobs.

So, to Megs and Ash, good luck!  Have a safe journey.  Lets us know how the drive is going.  Think of us often.

Love you guys!

Photo Challenge – Friendship

This weeks challenge from Female2Female is a to post a picture of friendship.

Im often the one behind the camera and in fact am very camera shy.

The photo I picked is from my wedding, its Paul and me and our retinue just after the ceremony , the retinue was made up of friends and family and the funny thing is the ‘family’ are also friends and the ‘friends’ are also family, thats the only way I would have it.