When good translations go bad.

One of the benefits I get at work is a food card.  On the 21st of each month a balance is loaded and I can spend it on certain restaurants that will then deliver to the office (or I can go out to one of those restaurants if I would like).

The {10bis} site is obviously in Hebrew so I need a little help from the translate function in Chrome.

Most times it gives a pretty decent translation.  But not always.  Take today’s translation for example.

my lunch choice today


From the top:

  • Couple = Pair
  • Psychic = Medium (I cant stop snort laughing)
  • Psychic Wall = Medium Well
  • Visit = Beef
  • Miraculous extra charge = I have no idea, and no one else can figure it out either!
  • Plug-in = extra/add on

All the giggles!


Saw the funniest thing in the car just now…

The biggest meanest looking guard dog playing fetch with a guy on the pavement outside his house!

Big mean dog brings his chew toy to the gate, guy takes it and throws it over the wall, big mean dog fetches it and brings it back. Rinse and repeat.

Every time the guy tried to walk away the dog barked at him and shoved the toy through the gate.

The guy was pissing himself laughing but he kept throwing the toy back over the wall anyway.

He laughed even harder when he saw me watching (and laughing) while I was stuck in traffic 🙂

Made my day!

Funny things Aaron says…

A few funnies 🙂

While talking to Nanna (my mom) on the phone…

Nanna: What are you doing?

Aaron: Driving mommy crazy!

At the dinner table on Friday night at Bobba (my mom-in-law)…

Aaron walks up with a plastic tea cup.

Aaron: You want tea?

Me: No thanks.

Aaron: You want tea!

It was definitely not a question!

With Uncle Matthew (my brother)…

Matt: Who is the best?

Aaron: Nanna!

Matt: And if I give you smarties? Who is the best?

Aaron: Uncle Maffew!

Overheard in my office…

A little background…

I work for an organisation that has been running for many many years.  Quite a few of the ladies I work with have been with the organisation since the year dot, or near enough anyway.  One of the ladies has worked for the organisation since she was 18, she’s worked there for almost 45 years, you do the math…

Not a day goes by when one or other of them doesn’t utter something that makes me laugh out loud or cringe in embarrassment or sometimes even want to smack one of them (affectionately of course).

So I thought I would create a new category, “Overheard in my office…” and document some of the funny and not so funny stuff that is said in my office.

A classic to start us off…

A: Why is milk so expensive?

B: I dont know.

A: Because you know, cows eat grass and grass is free…

Funny Funny Funny

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Mid Week Funny

Basic Flying Rules:

1. Try to stay in the middle of the air.

2. Do not go near the edges of it.

3. The edges of the air can be recognized by the appearance of ground, buildings, sea, trees and interstellar space.

4. It is much more difficult to fly there.