When good translations go bad.

One of the benefits I get at work is a food card.  On the 21st of each month a balance is loaded and I can spend it on certain restaurants that will then deliver to the office (or I can go out to one of those restaurants if I would like).

The {10bis} site is obviously in Hebrew so I need a little help from the translate function in Chrome.

Most times it gives a pretty decent translation.  But not always.  Take today’s translation for example.

my lunch choice today


From the top:

  • Couple = Pair
  • Psychic = Medium (I cant stop snort laughing)
  • Psychic Wall = Medium Well
  • Visit = Beef
  • Miraculous extra charge = I have no idea, and no one else can figure it out either!
  • Plug-in = extra/add on

All the giggles!

5 Replies to “When good translations go bad.”

  1. Mwaaaaaaaaahahahaaaaaa… thats hysterical! I must ask for a “psychic wall” steak next time I’m out!
    As for “miraculous”… not “sspecials”?

    1. Nope, the actual Hebrew translation should read – ‘Whole Wheat Bun – Extra Charge’. No idea where the ‘miraculous’ comes from 🙂

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