A switch was flicked…

… and Faith suddenly learnt a whole lot of new skills.

  • Turning around onto her tummy to climb off the couch or to go down stairs.
  • Climbing onto the couch.
  • Climbing up the slide part of the jungle gym, then lying down and sliding.
  • Climbing onto things designed to give me even more grey hairs, like chairs and climbing frames at Aarons school.
  • Drinking from a cup instead of a squeeze bottle without spilling.
  • Nodding ‘yes’ in context.
  • Doing all the actions to Twinkle Twinkle Little Star, even trying to make a diamond like mommy does!

I really have to stop calling her ‘the baby’, she is a real little toddler now!

P.s. She still doesnt really say mommy talk… what she does say is ‘eho’ = hello, ‘oof’ = dog/woof and now we can add a very distinct and clear UP ūüôā


Proud mama!

I am so proud of Aaron.

He is pretty much toilet trained when it comes to wee-ing and will 99% of the time stand on his step and wee in the toilet (as¬†apposed¬†to the 1% of the time that he insists on watering my plants). ¬†And we¬†haven’t¬†had an accident in so long I actually dont remember when it was!

Number 2’s are another story, he still wont do them in the toilet and asks for his nappy. ¬†But… he will hold it in until we can get a nappy on him.

He undresses himself like a star. ¬†Taking off shoes, socks, pants, undies and his shirt all by himself. ¬†He gets so excited and makes sure we all know that he ‘did it!’

And to top it all off he is now pretty much dressing himself too!  Shoes, undies and pants!  He still needs help if there are socks involved and he hasnt quite got the hang of his shirt yet.

Im so proud of my big boy!