Proud mama!

I am so proud of Aaron.

He is pretty much toilet trained when it comes to wee-ing and will 99% of the time stand on his step and wee in the toilet (as apposed to the 1% of the time that he insists on watering my plants).  And we haven’t had an accident in so long I actually dont remember when it was!

Number 2’s are another story, he still wont do them in the toilet and asks for his nappy.  But… he will hold it in until we can get a nappy on him.

He undresses himself like a star.  Taking off shoes, socks, pants, undies and his shirt all by himself.  He gets so excited and makes sure we all know that he ‘did it!’

And to top it all off he is now pretty much dressing himself too!  Shoes, undies and pants!  He still needs help if there are socks involved and he hasnt quite got the hang of his shirt yet.

Im so proud of my big boy!

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  1. I remember those days, proud of the moments that show they are growing up (and now I’m secretly wishing they were little again) enjoy every moment you have of mommyhood!

  2. Aaawwww! Well done Aaron!! You are SO lucky he waits for a nappy for no 2 ’cause James used to do it in his pants & then cry. I eventually made a rule that CBeebies goes off for the day if there’s an accident in the pants & after about a week he was sorted 🙂 Funnily enough he never used to get these no 2 ‘accidents’ at school. Little shit! But he’s been 100% toilet trained for about 4 months now so yayayayayay!

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