Project: Get Fit – March

Last month I only managed 5 visits to the gym (although Im pretty sure I went more than that!)  I havent been to gym over the last week and a bit due to one thing or another but its a new month and we get to start fresh.

So 1 x Pilates class and 1 x Killer Abs done and dusted.

Tomorrow is Killer Abs and Yoga.

Thursday its Zumba!!

Sunday is another Zumba class.

And so it goes. This month my goal is to get in at least 3 visits a week.

My stats as of 4 March 2013:

  • Weight:                   52.2 kg (down 0.7 kg from last measurements)
  • Body fat:                 28.5 % (down 1.7 %)
  • Blood Pressure:   99/56 mmHg (slightly higher than last time)
  • Heart Rate:            73 bpm (down 12 bpm)
  • Tummy:                  80 cm (down 2 cm)
  • Thigh:                     56 cm (down 2 cm)
  • Arm:                        28 cm (down 1 cm)

So happy with my measurements!

Project: Get Fit!

At the end of last year I joined {Virgin Active}.

I hadn’t been to gym in years.

But after {joining} a twitter group for moms with post pregnancy bellies and failing miserably at doing anything about getting my tummy trim I decided it was time to {get motivated} properly.

Needless to say I went a few times and stopped going 🙁

But January saw me trying something different.  Classes.

I usually do the step machine and weight machines but that meant self motivation and I was failing miserably at that.

I decided to do a Pilates class.  I figured with an instructor I wouldn’t be allowed to slack off, I also mistakenly thought that Pilates would be easy.  I couldn’t walk for 2 days afterwards.  It was great!

I then decided to join a work friend at a{Zumba} class.

I am in LOVE with Zumba!

I go every Sunday morning and I try go every Thursday afternoon.  And to my utter delight they have added a Friday afternoon class!  Yay!!

Im getting better at all the different steps and can now occasionally add arm movements to the feet without face planting.

Im going to start keeping a record off all my measurements on the blog so I can track my progress!

As at 31 January 2013:

  • Weight:                    52.9 kg
  • Body fat:                 30.2 %
  • Blood Pressure:   92/57 mmHg
  • Heart Rate:            85 bpm
  • Tummy:                  82 cm
  • Thigh:                     58 cm
  • Arm:                        29 cm


image (1)


Then and… then.

So a while back I joined in a #twittermomsixpackclub.  Unfortunately I have no new photos to post, well, because I havent done anything about exercising.

Except now I have joined the new gym around the corner from my house.  I have been a few times already but this afternoon, this afternoon I found a little bit of inspiration in the form of a Killer Abs and Thighs class.

Its half an hour and takes place in the warm up section by the free weights and its hard!

I think I may not be able to move tomorrow.

Its so good!

So good in fact that I may just go every day (well, Monday – Thursday when there are classes).

So, hopefully in a few weeks I will have some ‘now’ photos to post 🙂