6 pack what??

I used to have a 6 pack.  I also used to weigh under 40kg (I was perfectly healthy just a lot smaller and younger than I am now) and I used to have a metabolism.

A great many few years and 2 kids later I no longer have a 6 pack and I definitely do not weigh under 4okg.

I must have missed the Twitter conversation but I saw this post on Pinky’s blog and thought ‘what the heck, lets do this!’

Head on over to Pinky and add your name to the list!


My pre challenge stats

Weight: 50kg

Height: 1.52m

Waist circumference: 65cm

BMI: 21.6

*excuse the crappy photos, my 4 year old took them! Will see if the Hubband will take proper ones later 🙂



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  1. I told Pinky that I think it’s great how you all want to start with something like this. Nothing more great to me, seeing people beginning a new healthy lifestyle with exercise.
    I also told her, that one can do as many exercises to build those abdominal muscles but without proper eating, those muscles will not show in a six pack formation.

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