#ZombiePrompts – Whats in my handbag?

I’ve done this before, take a look here and here.

IMG_5280 (1)


I currently have the following items in my bag:

  • Wallet (the Knomo wristlet purse from the first handbag post above, a little worse for wear but still going strong).
    • My ID
    • My bus/train card
    • Various store club cards
    • Bank Card
    • Medical Aid cards for me and the kids
  • ₪1 in coins (now in my wallet).
  • House keys.
  • Cell charger and adapter.
  • Headache and tummy ache pills, just in case.
  • A broken plastic ring that I told Faith I would try fix.
  • 3 random pieces of paper.
  • A card with 4 hairbands on it (I tend to lose or break them at an insane pace and I cannot have my hair loose).
  • Sunglasses (when they are not on my face).
  • Deodorant because its hot as hell and I don’t want to stink.
  • A bottle of water because its hot as hell and I don’t want to dehydrate.

Not so much stuff and I’m pretty proud of myself for not having too much junk in there either.

Whats in my handbag?


I have started using a small handbag as opposed to my little ‘purse‘ I was using before.  Its not much bigger, maybe twice the size but it it has a shoulder strap and leaves my hands free.

Here is what’s in it…

  • My purse that I was using before.
  • My glasses in their case.
  • An iPhone cable and an adapter so I can charge my phone if when I need to.
  • A nail file.
  • Apen.
  • A cupcake shaped birthday candle (don’t ask).
  • Mascara.
  • Aarons asthma pump.
  • My house keys.
  • A piece of cotton wool.
  • Lipice.
  • Two lipsticks.
  • A piece of foil (??)
  • A tag from a McDonalds kiddie meal toy.
  • Not pictured: My cell phone is usually in my bag too 🙂

All in all not too bad for a small handbag.

Handbag. What handbag?

The gorgeous and fabulous {Jodene} from {Project Me} posted about the {contents of her handbag} and I couldn’t resist posting mine.

Well, I don’t actually use a handbag any more.  I haven’t for a while now.  It started out with me using a very small, hand embroidered bag that my mom-in-law made for me, but I would just grab my wallet, phone and keys if I had to dash out during the work day.  Then {Core/iStore} sent me a gorgeous {Knomo wristlet purse} and since then I haven’t used a bag at all.

The purse has place for my cards, cash and my phone.  The only thing it doesn’t have is a dedicated space for coins.

And even though its so small, I still manage to collect some crap that shouldn’t be in there (although I actually cleaned it out on Saturday so its looking pretty good today)…

So, what’s in my ‘handbag’?


  • My bank card
  • My medical aid card
  • My drivers licence
  • My Pick n Pay Smart Shopper card
  • My Vitality Healthy Food card
  • My MySchool card
  • A random SpeedPoint slip
  • A slip of paper confirming my gym contract cancellation
  • Two tickets to a fundraiser at Aarons school that was cancelled
  • Two temporary {Tattoo-a-thon} tattoos that I was supposed to give to my kids
  • A 10c piece
  • A cherry Lip-Ice
  • And my cell phone (not pictured because I took the picture with it)

What’s in your handbag!