Whats in my handbag?


I have started using a small handbag as opposed to my little ‘purse‘ I was using before.  Its not much bigger, maybe twice the size but it it has a shoulder strap and leaves my hands free.

Here is what’s in it…

  • My purse that I was using before.
  • My glasses in their case.
  • An iPhone cable and an adapter so I can charge my phone if when I need to.
  • A nail file.
  • Apen.
  • A cupcake shaped birthday candle (don’t ask).
  • Mascara.
  • Aarons asthma pump.
  • My house keys.
  • A piece of cotton wool.
  • Lipice.
  • Two lipsticks.
  • A piece of foil (??)
  • A tag from a McDonalds kiddie meal toy.
  • Not pictured: My cell phone is usually in my bag too 🙂

All in all not too bad for a small handbag.

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