#Zombieprompts – If I won the lottery…

Oh boy. I can spend hours and hours fantasizing about what I would do. Mostly I think I would be practical though.

First off, I would buy/build a house. I would make sure it was perfect. Specifically the kitchen. I have a kitchen fetish and a huge board on Pinterest with many, many clever ideas I would like to include.

(part of) my Pinterest kitchen board

Then I would put away money into a trust for the children. A nest egg for them. For their education, weddings, first home, travel, whatever they need/want.

I would pay off all our debts.

Then, I would take a holiday. We would go somewhere fun, lots of site seeing, lots of food, lots of relaxation.

And then I would put what was left into an investment for our retirement and I would go back to work and living my life. 



I am so getting a Lotto ticket!

I am having THE. BEST. LUCK. EVER!!!!!!

First I won this fantastic necklace from Claire Louise Jewelry and Girls Only by entering a competition on the Female2Female site.

Then this evening I recieved an email from GROHE telling me that I won the competition that I entered on their Facebook page to be a GROHE Shower Ambassador!  And this is what I won!  Its a hand held shower! And the best part?  We really really needed to replace our hand held shower, the whole thing is falling apart…

Guys! I am SOOOOOOOO getting a Lotto ticket tomorrow!