#Zombieprompts – If I won the lottery…

Oh boy. I can spend hours and hours fantasizing about what I would do. Mostly I think I would be practical though.

First off, I would buy/build a house. I would make sure it was perfect. Specifically the kitchen. I have a kitchen fetish and a huge board on Pinterest with many, many clever ideas I would like to include.

(part of) my Pinterest kitchen board

Then I would put away money into a trust for the children. A nest egg for them. For their education, weddings, first home, travel, whatever they need/want.

I would pay off all our debts.

Then, I would take a holiday. We would go somewhere fun, lots of site seeing, lots of food, lots of relaxation.

And then I would put what was left into an investment for our retirement and I would go back to work and living my life. 



3 Replies to “#Zombieprompts – If I won the lottery…”

  1. LOL! We have very similar “lotto dreams” – house, beautiful kitchen, investments, car, debt… And if I win big it includes paying off my siblings’ debt and buying them houses too!
    One big thing for me though is that nobody but close family knows we won!

    1. yes! dont want people climbing out the woodwork for a handout.

      I would also pay off my mom and brothers debt if there was money and if they needed it 🙂

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