Nursery school!

After a little bit of confusion regarding when Aaron was supposed to start school, we finally started today!

Yesterday we met Nana (my mom) at Woolies so we could buy a new school bag, we couldnt find a Ben Ten bag but we found another superhero one that came with a squeezy juice bottle and Aaron was very happy with it.  I also got him his very own thermal lunch box.

He went to sleep last night chattering about ‘big’ school and his teacher and all the friends he will make.

This morning he got dressed, ate breakfast and was super excited to go to school.

I have to admit that I was preparing myself for drama.  A small #AaronTantrum perhaps or at least tears and feet dragging when it came time to go to school.  I was very pleasantly surprised at how cool, calm and collected my big boy was.

When we got to school he couldnt wait to show his new bag to everyone, the security guard, the moms and dads and the other kids.

He didnt even want to hold my hand which made me want to cry a little but I was strong and held back the tears with a big goofy grin instead.

We found his classroom and the teacher showed us his locker and his towel in the bathroom and then we sat down to play with a little boy called Sam.  There was also a little girl whose name is Erin and the two of them found it very amusing that they have the same name.  The one little girl that was at play school with him arrived and came to sit with us.

After a few minutes I told Aaron that I needed to go to work and he hugged me and off he went to do a puzzle.  Not a care in the world.

Im so happy.  He is such a confident little boy and I just know he is going to have such a great time at ‘big’ school.

To PTA or not to PTA…

Aaron is going to nursery school next year.  We went to the school open day last week to meet his teacher and see his classroom and the school grounds.

I think he is going to be so happy there.  One little girl from play school is going too and they will be in the same class.

When we left we were given an envelope with an information sheet that needs to be filled out for when when school starts as well as an info booklet on what to expect in regards to curriculum, parties etc…

In the booklet was a request for parents to join the PTA.

Now, I know all about being on a committee, body corporate and volunteer groups.   I know about the politics and the issues that come with it.

I also know that I dont want to be ‘that’ mom.  The one that isnt involved and doesnt pull their weight.

So, what are your experiences with PTA?  Pros and cons?  Should I do it for a year?  Is there a way of being involved without the hassle of being on the PTA?


First days

As most of you know, Aaron started school this week.

1st day of school!

I spent just over an hour with him on Monday, getting to know the teacher and the teaching aids, meeting all the kids, the 3 dogs, 1 cat, 1 bird and 2 tortoises that make up the play school staff.

Aaron was mostly ok and by the time they went outside to play he was absolutely fine to let me go.  I came back an hour later to fetch him.  Poor kid was so tired he could barely talk.

This morning was great, we arrived, went to say hello to Elvis and Presley, the tortoises and then when we came inside Teacher J took his hand and said goodbye mommy.  Aaron said bye bye, gave me a big kiss and after buzzing me out the door spent a good three hours playing and learning with only a few minor wobblies.

Waving goodbye to daddy and Aletta on our 2nd day

I am so proud of my baby!