To PTA or not to PTA…

Aaron is going to nursery school next year.  We went to the school open day last week to meet his teacher and see his classroom and the school grounds.

I think he is going to be so happy there.  One little girl from play school is going too and they will be in the same class.

When we left we were given an envelope with an information sheet that needs to be filled out for when when school starts as well as an info booklet on what to expect in regards to curriculum, parties etc…

In the booklet was a request for parents to join the PTA.

Now, I know all about being on a committee, body corporate and volunteer groups.   I know about the politics and the issues that come with it.

I also know that I dont want to be ‘that’ mom.  The one that isnt involved and doesnt pull their weight.

So, what are your experiences with PTA?  Pros and cons?  Should I do it for a year?  Is there a way of being involved without the hassle of being on the PTA?


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  1. Hubby and I both did a year at the Princess’ school – he as head of the comittee and me as fundraiser (two separate years). The year he was they had an issue with one mom – who stepped down. I had a wonderful smooth year – BUT only do it if you have the time. I will not attempt it at the moment.

  2. I do not think there is any other way to be involved, than being in the PTA. Why do I say this? Because most crèches do not allow outside parents who do not belong to the PTA, to be present at those kind of meetings. So you really do not have a say if you do not belong to the PTA.
    The negative regarding belonging to the PTA, is how you are asked to be at every event that is held at the crèche. It can become so difficult to work your schedule around it and sometimes you just aren’t in the mood to attend something.
    Advice: Give it a try for a year.

  3. I’m going to try for a cautious response purely because I can’t blog about it. In principle I think it is awesome to be on the PTA, because then you have more insight into what is going on with the school and you can probably really make a difference if you have the time.
    I had a shocker of an experience with a mom that thought the school was her personal domain and would question everyone and every single thing on the PTA. I stepped down and we are taking our kids out of the school anyway, I don’t need that kind of additional stress in my life. But it left a really bad taste in my mouth.

  4. I was that mom!
    I always joined the PTA and volunteered for school events- making pancakes and chaperoning and such. I also tried (unsuccessfully, because you need to be nominated and voted for and such, and I was never much of a mingler…) to get onto the knucklehead’s school’s governing bodies. I also volunteered to work at events for his gymnastics club.
    My reasoning was that I wanted to know exactly what was going on in the school and what possible decisions could affect my child, and the best way to do that was to be there. I also made the most of my place on the committee to draw their attention to issues surrounding schooling special needs children and what resources were available to them.
    It is a lot of work though.

  5. Gina I am involved in our school and not on the PTA.

    Personally I wouldn’t do it – it can actually become ALOT of work and while I don’t mind helping out I don’t want to be working at every function :-/

    So I am a soccer mom and I help out with the soccer fundraisers and sign up when they ask for additional help etc

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