Projects for 2012

I am an avid Pinner.  I can spend hours browsing the boards and repinning everything and anything.

One of the boards I have is crafts and I am determined to complete at least a few of the projects I have pinned.

This one is going to definitely happen on payday this month!

I also have a ton of old formula cans and have been collecting all the tin and cans that we use  and I want to do a few of these in my garden.

These are the two projects I want to start with.  Once I have completed them I will add some more.  baby steps right?

*Click the images for more information on each project, all images from Pinterest!*

Finally! Its only taken about 4 years!!

So in May we had been in our house for 4 years.  When we moved in I had grand plans for using the red feature wall in our dining room to hang family photos.  I blogged about it here, at the beginning of the year.

This weekend we finally managed to print, frame and hang 11 photos!  There are still more to come, I need more of the older family photos and also some more frames.  We also of course cant wait to add some photos of #theSQL 🙂

Aaron helping dad hang the first picture
1 down 10 to go
Halfway there
All done
Cant wait to add more!

Some of the older photos dont fit the frames properly so I am going to get some black cardboard or paper to put behind them so its not so obvious they are not quite right.  In the mean time though, I am so happy that they are finally up!!!

Renewal of an old project

When we moved into our house just under 4 years ago I had great plans for the one red wall in our dining room.

I envisioned tons of family photos vying for space, old memories jostling for position with new memories, all held together by a common thread, in this case it would be the frames, all black or silver.

Just under 4 years down the line this is what that wall looks like…

Im ashamed to say it is still bare.

This is what I received for my birthday last year and the year before…

My mission is to get those frames filled with photos and onto that wall!

I am thinking of making all the photos a sepia/antique look to further bring them all together.  There will be my parents and Pauls parents wedding photos, our wedding photos, pics of Aaron, us as a family, our brothers and sisters and grandparents.

I also want to get some more silver frames.

Also, part of the plan is to have a family shoot done by Jenty sometime this year, I especially want to put her photos into the frame that says “DAD MOM ME”.

I cant wait to get going on this!