7 months down the line… where am I?

Yesterday Beagle_Momma aka Tayna posted this about her New Years resolutions and how she was doing to date.  It has inspired me to do the same 🙂

I didnt really do a New Years post as such but in this post I made myself a few promises…

  • Be more adventurous – Im not sure I have done this, I think I need to do more, even if its just trying out new food every now and again.
  • Try new things – again, not so much… although I did try buy more colour for my wardrobe, I think it fizzled out after a month or two.
  • Push my boundaries – *sigh* Not. So. Much. *sigh*
  • I wanted a sister or brother for Aaron – This one is a resounding success! Tomorrow we find out if #theSQL is a boy or a girl 🙂
  • I wished to have more fun with Aaron and be more silly with him – I think this one has been a success… our favourite silly games are “the laughing game”, hide & seek, the hi-five pickle game* and light saber battles
  • No more procrastinating – I think im getting better at this but I have a long way to go.

All in all, I think I need to work a little harder to fulfill some of these ‘resolutions’ before the end of the year!

*the hi-five pickle game – My brother Matt taught Aaron this one: You ask Aaron for a hi-five, then a low-five, then you hold your index fingers together at the tips and ask him to cut the pickle by ‘slicing’ his hand through your finger tips, then you tickle… so, hi-five, low-five, cut the pickle, tickle tickle tickle… cracks him up every time…

Keeping my resolutions…

2. Did you keep your new year’s resolutions, and will you make more for next year?

I try not to make resolutions as I tend to break them and then feel very disappointed with myself. As for 2010? I would like to be more adventurous, try more new things and push my boundaries a bit.

That was one of the questions in the 2009 in review meme i did.

I pretty much always go for the ‘safe’ option with clothes, I have a few ‘out there’ pieces but mostly plain  and basic colours.  Today I found a dress and a tunic top at Mr Price.  Below is me pushing my boundaries, trying new things and being more adventurous.

*Images thanks to Paul Jacobson aka Hubband