7 months down the line… where am I?

Yesterday Beagle_Momma aka Tayna posted this about her New Years resolutions and how she was doing to date.  It has inspired me to do the same 🙂

I didnt really do a New Years post as such but in this post I made myself a few promises…

  • Be more adventurous – Im not sure I have done this, I think I need to do more, even if its just trying out new food every now and again.
  • Try new things – again, not so much… although I did try buy more colour for my wardrobe, I think it fizzled out after a month or two.
  • Push my boundaries – *sigh* Not. So. Much. *sigh*
  • I wanted a sister or brother for Aaron – This one is a resounding success! Tomorrow we find out if #theSQL is a boy or a girl 🙂
  • I wished to have more fun with Aaron and be more silly with him – I think this one has been a success… our favourite silly games are “the laughing game”, hide & seek, the hi-five pickle game* and light saber battles
  • No more procrastinating – I think im getting better at this but I have a long way to go.

All in all, I think I need to work a little harder to fulfill some of these ‘resolutions’ before the end of the year!

*the hi-five pickle game – My brother Matt taught Aaron this one: You ask Aaron for a hi-five, then a low-five, then you hold your index fingers together at the tips and ask him to cut the pickle by ‘slicing’ his hand through your finger tips, then you tickle… so, hi-five, low-five, cut the pickle, tickle tickle tickle… cracks him up every time…

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  1. It is strange how many people who look into their New Year’s Resolutions, have not even done some of those things. Why? Because life throw us unexpected (some good and some not) curve balls which lead to us not getting to our resolutions.

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