Seasons and 10 months along.

A few days ago I realised we had been in Israel for 10 months. Let that sink in a moment. We have been here for almost a year. Its gone by in the blink of an eye. I cant even say that sometimes it felt like its been dragging because it hasn’t. Its been like a runaway train.

When we arrived in Israel, winter was in full swing. Freezing cold, windy, rainy. It was over pretty quickly and in the blink of an eye we were in summer. A particularly hot, dusty summer for Israel.

The last few weeks the seasons have been changing. The days getting shorter, the mornings and evenings a bit cooler. Yesterday I left work at 17:25. I stood at the bus stop and realised, while I wasn’t freezing, I was cold. Cold enough to have goosebumps and to bemoan the fact I didn’t have a jersey or a zip up hoodie to throw on over my sleeveless shirt.

Pretty soon I will have to put away my Havaianas (the national summer footwear of every Israeli) and start wearing my boots. I will have to start carrying my coat and my umbrella with me.


While I am enjoying the cooler weather for now, I really am a summer baby. I much prefer the heat to the cold. So I warn you in advance, I will moan and cry and throw many a winter tantrum in the next few months. But winter in Israel is short lived so I’m grateful for that.

In the mean time I’m getting ready to take out our down duvet and preparing to cuddle away the dark mornings in bed.

On winter. And summer. And hating both.

Most people are winter or summer people.  Hot or cold.


I got this image at {hdiphonewallpapers}
I got this image at {hdiphonewallpapers}

Im not.

I do not do well in extremes.

I cannot stand to be cold and bundled up and feeling like the {Michelin Man} and not feeling my fingers and toes and ears and nose.

I also cannot stand being hot and sticky and sweaty.  I hate wearing shorts and jeans and skirts are uncomfortable.

I much prefer spring and autumn, mild and gentle weather, not too hot, not too cold, just right.

What ‘season’ are you?  Also how do you cope in the extreme cold or heat?


Today I could not stomach the thought of wearing jeans and boots again. I had to wear a skirt and a pair of slip on ballet type shoes, I just had to.

I also caught myself looking at the trees and shrubs on my way to work and trying to see if there were any green shoots yet.

I am beginning to hate winter, I want to be warm, I want the colours of spring.