On winter. And summer. And hating both.

Most people are winter or summer people.  Hot or cold.


I got this image at {hdiphonewallpapers}
I got this image at {hdiphonewallpapers}

Im not.

I do not do well in extremes.

I cannot stand to be cold and bundled up and feeling like the {Michelin Man} and not feeling my fingers and toes and ears and nose.

I also cannot stand being hot and sticky and sweaty.  I hate wearing shorts and jeans and skirts are uncomfortable.

I much prefer spring and autumn, mild and gentle weather, not too hot, not too cold, just right.

What ‘season’ are you?  Also how do you cope in the extreme cold or heat?

3 Replies to “On winter. And summer. And hating both.”

  1. There are things I love about every season. In summer, I love the warm nights and sleeping nekkid. In autumn, I love how everything is cooled down but still pleasant; This is the BEST time for running! In winter, I love the clothes and the food. In spring, I love the sense of renewal and promise and the bright colours…
    I don’t like feeling cold and I don’t like being sweaty either. But since there’s nothing I can do about the weather, no matter the season, I choose to focus on the things I enjoy about whatever time of the year it is.

  2. Living in Durban, winter really isn’t winter, so i love it! I can’t bear the hot hot sticky summer though. I love spring, when it is finally warm enough to go swim in the sea ad spend whole days on the beach 🙂

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