I read this post by LauraKim and the first thing I thought was ‘ No way!  She has funny fingers too!’

I have what we affectionately call “Hoffmann” fingers after my fathers family who mostly all have them in varying degrees of crookedness.  My father and his father both had them, my brother Cliff has them too but my brother Matt doesn’t.  Aaron doesn’t have them either.

My baby fingers are bent inwards at the tips and have been known to freak out young children on occasion.  I also have crooked pointer fingers but they are not as bad.

And now, ladies and gentlemen, for your viewing pleasure, my baby fingers!

crooked baby fingers

More crooked baby fingers

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    1. LOL, I love it!
      The first scan I had of Aaron when they could see his fingers I wanted to see if he had them. Alas he doesn’t, hoping the next one does 🙂

  1. Freakky!!!

    Mine are straight.. even if they are abnormally shorter than they should be 😉

    I think you got yourself some cool fingers there!!


  2. Hmmm, is this not normal? I just put my pinkies together like your pic and they are also skew!!! Also my right pinkie is wayyyy bigger than my left one. Will have to do a post on my odd fingers now. 🙂

    1. I always thought I was the only one!
      Right through childhood I was the only one and the kids were always soooo freaked out…
      So cool to see so many people with similar fingers.

  3. I’m 16, and my baby fingers are like that 🙂
    I like to call them butterfly hands ;]

    Because, if you face your palms towards you, make them touch at the baby finger, and then fold over your other fingers so that only the baby fingers are sticking up, it kinda looks like a butterfly 🙂

  4. I have these baby fingers too! I was just looking online to see if anyone else had the same. Mine comes from my mum’s and grandpa’s side – I wonder how the gene developed.

  5. Mine look exactly like yours! I just googled “why r my baby fingers crooked” and this came up. I havn’t found any other info yet. If u do let us know. I have 2 male cousins on my dads side with crooked pinkies, but neither of my son’s have them.

  6. I’m going to go outside the box here and say,injuries from a past life,say like the inquisitions maybe.

  7. Omg!!! It’s so crazy but yet fulfilling to know someone has pinkies like me!! And you’re a woman. I am always embarrassed about it but I’ve learned to embrace it because I’m 29 no and there is no changing it. I wish I could attach my pic to show you. Anyway, Best Wishes to you

  8. Here I thought I was the only 1 in the world. Both my 5th fingers are crooked and both my middle fingers.

  9. This is a seriously old post, but wanted to share haha. I have pinkies like that too, and it’s so funny whenever I go to get my nails done, the nail tech always tries to straighten my pinkie fingers out as if they are gonna stay straight lol

  10. Wow! I have them too! It’s like looking at my own fingers! And I thought I was special! Lol…guess not!

  11. My pinky fingers look exactly like your pinkies. I always wondered why I have them. It sucks typing on the keyboard, but I adjust. Good to know I’m not alone.

  12. Hi I have always wondered why no one in my family has my crooked pinkies. I’m a female and I do not have Down syndrome. I was born with both very crooked pinkies. I have no wisdom teeth and I’m 34 years old. My dentist said I will never get them. I also still have 2 baby teeth.

  13. My little fingers are fine and normal when I was younger and as I age they get more crooked and looked very deformed. I am now 50 and actually feeling uncomfortable with their look and wanted to do something about them. That is why I googled about them and come across this post. I knew I inherited them from my grandmother as I remember she had her little fingers like that. I am surprised by how many of you have them.

    1. Your post reads like my situation. My daddy always had bent and crooked pinkies. My oldest sister has always been the only one that had daddy’s fingers until I got into my forties then mine started doing it!! I had just normal little fingers until then. Left is worse than right one!

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