We are on our own…

Today is our housekeepers last day of work, she only comes back on 11th January 2010!

Usually I take leave when she does but this year with  my trip to Israel I dont have any leave left and the forced leave we have to take between Christmas and New Years is already putting me into negative leave.  Paul is bogged down with work.  My mom-in-law is going away and my mom is also only on leave between Christmas and New Year…

I have no idea how we are going to manage working and looking after Aaron.  House work doesn’t bother me, I don’t mind laundry and we just wont have ironed clothes unless absolutely necessary.   I can clean the bath and the toilets and I actually really enjoy cooking.

The issue is looking after Aaron,  he needs full time attention.  I will bring him to work with me for some of the time but he gets bored, there is no TV or jungle gym or other kids to play with and I actually have to do some work.  Paul will look after him when there is a lull in his work but it doesnt look like that is going to be very often.  My mom will take him on the days she doesn’t have work in the afternoons.  My brother-in-law has kindly offered to take him one morning to Yeesh in Woodmead.

I really want to be able to spend all my time with him and make the holidays fun for him but boy is it going to be hard.

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  1. Sjoe! You need your housekeeper much more than I need mine (with Aaron and all)…but mine goes on leave today too. For 3 weeks. WTF am I going to wear?!?!? I don’t iron and neither does Rudi!


  2. Yup, it is going to be challenging although keeping Aaron occupied will be more of an issue. He does play by himself a little and I guess it will mean changing how I work a bit.

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