Public Holiday (and the weather played nice too…)

Aaron and I spent the morning Norwood Mall, we went shopping and then spent just over an hour playing at the play place.

We came home and after running wild Aaron had a nap and then we met my mom for lunch at Grand Central in Melrose Arch.

Lindt chocolate brownie aka Orgasm on a Plate!!!

We then proceeded to Angel’s birthday party where Aaron and I spent a good hour or so in the pool with the tons of kids while Paul took photos and mingled.  There were a whole lot people there, quite a few from twitter and the blog world.  I wish I had more time to sit and chat to everyone but Aaron was determined to spend every minute in the pool and when we got out of the pool threw the MOTHER OF ALL TANTRUMS!!!!  So we went home earlier than we would have liked…

I think we will be forever known as the parents of that boy who threw the MOTHER OF ALL TANTRUMS!!!!

Here are some pics that Paul took…

Birthday Girl
Aaron lost all fear once he saw the other kids swimming, here is the umpteenth jump into mama's waiting arms!
Conner clearly enjoyed that yummy cupcake...
Fun in the sun
By far my favourite photo of the day... "love"

12 Replies to “Public Holiday (and the weather played nice too…)”

  1. Thank Gd I shared that brownie with my mom, would never have managed it on my own, was soooo rich!

    Jenty, LOL, he was so hyped from all the excitement, poor kid, he crashed early last night, slept right through and woke up at 7am!

  2. Aw man! It really is such a special picture!

    Thank you and thank Paul 🙂

    It was an lovely afternoon! I can totally sympathise with you guys! I have survived (barely) a few of those tantrums!

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