Pet Peeves

1. I hate cold eggs, if you are going to go to the trouble of frying or poaching or scrambling an egg then it must be eaten HOT.  I cannot stand cold, slimy eggs!

2. People who suck their teeth.  Get a tooth pick!

3. Weak tea.  Tea must strong, ideally my spoon should stand up straight.

4. Drivers who swing out to the right just before they turn left!

5. People that nag me.  If you asked me to do something and I said I would then I will do it.  If you keep asking me over and over again without giving me a chance to even start doing whatever it is I am less inclined to help you.

One Reply to “Pet Peeves”

  1. I dont eat egg at all anymore but when I did I couldnt eat it if it wasnt piping hot!!! YUK!

    And no 5 is my mother. I will be mid-something and she will say “please do x” and I will say “ok as soon as I am done here” – two minutes later she will ask me if I going to do it and 2 minutes after that she will do it *sigh*

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