Lucky #12?

Well, we are in our 12th cycle…

Im not entirely sure how I feel about it.

Resigned to the fact that yet again we are not pregnant.  Miserable that yet again we are not pregnant.  Angry that 3 cycles have gone by since my lap, 2 of which were Clomid cycles that both had me ovulating, and we are still not pregnant.  Grateful that I have Aaron, knowing how lucky I am that I have a healthy, growing son when some women have tried longer and harder and still don’t have a child.

I called my gynea this morning and made an appointment to see her next week.  Just for a general chat about where and how we want to proceed.  Also because I have no more Clomid repeats and if thats the way we are going then I need a new script.

Uuuggghhhhhhh! I hate this!

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  1. O honey 🙁 I can only begin to imagine what you are feeling. [I have TWO kids that I was told I had a 1 in a million chance of ever having cos of pcos]……so I say this: it will happen when it is meant to! Really. I know, this doesn’t make you feel ANY better. Will continue to hold thumbs and toes for you! giant squidgy hugs

  2. Agree with you that you are lucky that you have Aaron but I know about the hurt you’re feeling now, that you can’t get pregnant to have no 2. I know that hurt, I had it too when we struggled conceiving our youngest (no 2).

    Strongs and I hope the chat you’re going to have with the gynea will be a good one.

  3. i just want to give you hugs and say that we love you, because I know that nothing else I say will make you feel better. So here’s some squishy hugs!!! And lots of love!!!

  4. Thank you ladies!
    Just knowing that there are people out there ready to offer a hug and a shoulder is therapy in itself!

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