Happy (belated) Birthday RoRo

On April 1st was RoRo’s birthday, it fell smack bang in the middle of Pesach and as such we could have a cake.

So, I promised that I would bake a cake as soon as Pesach was over.  After eating the most divine red velvet cupcakes from Angel I decided I would try out a red velvet recipe I found at Bakerella.

We started off great!

And then it went downhill… My cakes didn’t rise!  I was so upset I couldn’t even take photos!!

So instead of wasting cream cheese icing on two flat cakes I just made some plain icing.

I also decorated with these fantastic silver balls and silver coated chocolate buttons!

Lets just call this a warm up round… I promise RoRo, I will make a better cake during the week!

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