I’m blaming it on pregnancy brain!

As you may or may not know, I play a game on Facebook called FrontierVille.

Part of the game is to complete challenges that require you ‘working’ on neighbor/friends pages.

My current challenge is to tend various types of crops on friends pages.

Wendi and I Skype each other what we need from each others pages, this morning Wendi Skyped me and asked what crops she should plant for me.

I replied that I would look and she must give me a minute.

I had recently gone to my page and written down on a piece of paper what I needed for the challenge and how many of each type of plant.

When Wends Skyped me I took a look and wrote back to her what I needed.

It took me a minute to realise that I hadn’t Skyped her at all, I had instead written it down on my piece of paper…

Im blaming this momentary lapse in sanity on pregnancy brain!

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  1. Oh I *love* Frontierville. Are you having neighbor problems too? I have at least 15 neighbors but half of them aren’t showing up, and they sort of pop up and disappear. I hope they get it sorted out.

  2. Gina firstly, I havent been around a while so I really need to congratulate you babe, I didnt know 🙂 🙂 🙂 And secondly…I really did have a giggle as I did many such things when I was preggies 🙂 lol

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