When standing up works…

A few days ago I posted this.

After I posted that I went onto hellopeter.com and made a complaint.  I kid you not, I had not even lifted my finger off the enter key after posting that and my phone rang!  It was one Gabriel Moonsamy who had read my hellopeter.com complaint, he listened to what I had to say, apologised for the treatment I had received and assured me that he would look into the matter and come back to me.

Yesterday I received an email with a letter attached from one of the managing partners at Lancet.

He expressed his concern at the fact the lady who called me didn’t follow their patient identification procedures and that I was given false information and the wrong account.  He assured me that she had been counseled and that the staff were to be retrained in patient identification procedures and patient confidentiality.

He then went on to give me the correct amount of money that I owed Lancet due to non-payment from my medical aid (self payment gap) and said, and I quote, “as a gesture of good will and apology I will instruct our accounts department to reduce this by 50%…”

Im stoked!  Not only at the reduced amount that I now owe them but at the fact that I stood up for myself and that they listened.  They could have fobbed me off, they could have sent a meaningless letter of apology and left it at that.  They didnt.

I just hope that they really follow through with their assurance that they will retrain their staff.  I hope that by standing up and opening my mouth I have truly made a difference and others wont be put in the same situation that I was.

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  1. That is fantastic! I normally give up when it comes to complaining, because of the the bad attitude and the unwillingness to sincerely apologize when it comes to complaining!

    Hello Peter did it again!

  2. That is fantastic! To go above and beyond and reduce the amount owed by 50% is absolutely unheard of! It is what has made their apology stand out all the more from the ‘noise’ of healthcare bollocks!

    We’ve had situations where our healthcare provider has submitted accounts to the medical aid (directly) which are unclear – and then failed to resubmit (without informing us) when they were notified that the fax was not clear – only to have them pass the 2 month threshold after which they can no longer claim from the medical aid. Medical aid says it’s the providers problem, provider said ultimate responsibility lies with the client i.e. US. We’re still fighting to get our money back on this one.

  3. Wow! I’m really surprised that this situation was handled the way it was by hellopeter.com, and especially surprised at how Lancet have responded! Go Lancet! And go you for standing up for yourself!

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