Another little known fact…

I am phobic about loose hair.

Particularly my own.

So long as it is attached to my head I have no issue with it.  In fact I LOVE my hair.  Its long and thick and looks amazing when I ghd it!

The minute there is a loose hair I start to gag.  Ask Paul.  I often ask him to ‘De-hair’ me after I have brushed my hair and I HATE washing my own hair cause loose hairs come out in the bath and I have to fish them out!  Paul also has to clean out my brush, I just. Cant. Do. It!

YUCH!!!! Just thinking about it makes me want to gag!!

I do try do these things myself as much as possible.  i try and conquer my phobia and my fear.  I dont look.  I do it as quick as possible.  I grit my teeth and try not to gag or vomit.

Most times I manage but there are times that I look at the brush or the bath or the hairs on my clothes and I just. Cant. Do. It!

I try not to make a big fuss in front of Aaron, ever since he was born, Ive really really tried but somewhere along the line he either saw me having an issue with hair or maybe its just genetic but my son cant stand loose hair either!  He gags, he says ‘yuchy mommy’ while holding that loose hair as far away from himself as possible.

I feel for him.  I really do.  Its a horrible horrible phobia/issue to have.   But a small part of me is just a little bit proud that my boy is just like his mommy!

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  1. I remember you said something about all the hair that came out when you coloured your hair. I don’t care about loose hair but hubby & James bitch about it… (Well, mine)

  2. I also get grossed out, but not as much as you. It’s the bits in the drains that get to me!

    Also nails – I catch them in a bit of tissue and throw away so that I don’t need to touch them.

  3. Oh YAY! I’m so happy another girl blogger has a weird phobia. Mine is fish. Little ones, big ones, small little freaky ugly ones… and shell fish. Sies! BUT NOW THERE’S SOMEONE ELSE TO JOIN ME IN WEIRD NONSENSICAL FEARS! YAAAAAY!


    Sorry to hear.

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