21 Weeks: Then and Now

So we are officially past the halfway mark.  Im excited and nervous all at the same time.  I cant wait to meet our little girl but Im nervous at how our family dynamic is going to change.  Aaron seems quite excited at the arrival of his sister and has already told me that he is going to share all his soft toys with her because “sharing is caring, mommy!”

I asked Paul to take some shots of the belly so I could show you a comparison between #theSQL at half way and Aaron at halfway and Aaron insisted on having his belly shot too…

Here is my belly at about half way with Aaron.

And here is my 21 week belly with #theSQL.

8 Replies to “21 Weeks: Then and Now”

  1. Shoowee big difference there. But still looking good. I can’t get over how different Aaron looks with his new hair cut. It really looks good on him

  2. It’s quite a difference but it’s because the belly ligaments are now much more flexible than with Aaron’s pregnancy. But you’re still looking great.

  3. firstly, Aaron is too cute!

    and wow, yeah, BIG difference. i’m having the same thing. maternity wear at 14 weeks? wtf?!?

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