For all intents and purposes this is my last pregnancy.

Paul and I made a deal, if this pregnancy was a boy we would give it one more try to have a girl and if the third pregnancy was also a boy then so be it.  But if this pregnancy was a girl then that would be it, our perfect pair.

So the conflict…

I am loving being pregnant, I really love feeling theSQL kick and roll around, but I am getting very impatient to meet her.  I want to hold her and feed her and just have her with us,  I want the next 15 weeks or so to fly by.

On the other hand, knowing that this is my last pregnancy I want to savoir every moment, every kick and roll and jab in the bladder.

I know its going to go so fast and that Im going to blink and she will be here but still…

Also I still have so much to do, we need to get cupboards built into her room and repaint the room and get curtains and decorations and get Telkom to move the telephone and ADSL lines out of her room and buy linen and and and…

Either way, Im going to enjoy the next 15 weeks!

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  1. shew, i know what you mean. Logically, having 3 kids between us, Richard and i really REALLY shouldn’t even think of another one, but i’m enjoying this pregnancy so much more than the first that i find myself thinking, “well maybe ONE more!”

  2. I loved being pregnant with J, feeling them move and kick inside you is something that is heaven beyond anything I have ever experienced.

  3. I know that feeling, this is my last and although for a while I was not in the right place mentally I am now getting into the idea that this is the last time and I really have to enjoy it.

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