Q & A…

I came across an article on Circle of Moms recently about questions pregnant women and new moms get asked that make you want to stab the asker between the eyes with a nail file and it got me thinking about a series of posts from Pregnant Chicken that made me laugh.

My all time favourite question is:

So, are you feeding her (flick of the eyes towards my boobs)?

My answer: No, we let her forage for herself…

I mean really!  Is the word breastfeeding so hard to say?!

What were/are the questions that make you stabby?

26 weeks

Yesterday we went for our 26 week appointment and scan.

#theSQL was an active little thing as usual and didnt stop jumping and moving the whole time.  Its so odd being able to feel the movement and see the same on the monitor 🙂

My OB doesnt believe we will make it full term, mainly because the little dear is supposed to be 760g (average for 26w) and is actually measuring 1042g…

She is HUGE!

Dr D thinks we should be welcoming our princess sometime between Christmas and New Years, about 2 weeks before her due date.  I wouldnt be surprised if she came earlier than that but Dr D says there is only a 20 % chance she will come 4 weeks early like Aaron did.

The other ‘odd’ thing about theSQL is that she is lying across my belly with her head on the left, her feet on the right and her back across my bladder.  Apparently there is tons of space up above her but she hasnt turned yet.  She is all cramped and squished but she seems to like that.  Dr D is convinced she will discover that she can lie head up feet down (or vice versa) and have more space in the next little while.  She warned me that once she does turn Im going to be sore… Like super crampy, muscles and ligaments and uterus sore.  At least for a few days.  This is because she has stretched all those things horizontally but not vertically yet…

Not sure Im looking forward to that but I really would like her to be more comfy and stretched out, at least for the next few weeks until she grows so big it wont matter which way she lies 😉

I am constantly watching her move.  My belly looks like a wobbly jelly most of the time.  Even Paul gets to see and even feel her moving a lot of the time, which didnt really happen with Aaron as much.  Im hoping I can still feel how active she is after she turns…

Paul converted the video of the scan, its a bit long but you get some really great shots of her face and spine and legs and feet.  Im loving this new scan machine Dr D has, its sooooo clear, almost like a 3D scan (which we are going for on Sat 9th!)


For all intents and purposes this is my last pregnancy.

Paul and I made a deal, if this pregnancy was a boy we would give it one more try to have a girl and if the third pregnancy was also a boy then so be it.  But if this pregnancy was a girl then that would be it, our perfect pair.

So the conflict…

I am loving being pregnant, I really love feeling theSQL kick and roll around, but I am getting very impatient to meet her.  I want to hold her and feed her and just have her with us,  I want the next 15 weeks or so to fly by.

On the other hand, knowing that this is my last pregnancy I want to savoir every moment, every kick and roll and jab in the bladder.

I know its going to go so fast and that Im going to blink and she will be here but still…

Also I still have so much to do, we need to get cupboards built into her room and repaint the room and get curtains and decorations and get Telkom to move the telephone and ADSL lines out of her room and buy linen and and and…

Either way, Im going to enjoy the next 15 weeks!

Old Wives Tales

A few days ago I mentioned that Angel is running a competition on her blog.

Here is my contribution…

There are a few old wives tales I came across in my pregnancy with Aaron, the following two always stuck with me because in my case they turned out to be (mostly) true.

Heartburn means the baby has a lot of hair.

I had heartburn so badly I had to be medicated in my last trimester.  The one day I didnt take the stuff I wanted to die the heartburn was so bad.  I did a Google search on “heartburn in pregnancy” and amongst the medical pages were a few pages telling me that my child will have lots and lots of hair.

According to our doctor you could actually see the hair on the ultrasounds.

When Aaron was born he didn’t have masses of hair but he wasn’t bald, so maybe, just maybe this old wives take is true.  Then again I know a lot of pregnant women who had hectic heartburn and had beautiful bald babies.

If the Linea Nigra* extends above the belly button then the baby is a boy.

I developed a little dark line very early on in my pregnancy, it reached to just below my belly button.  By the time we were 16 weeks along the line had stretched up above my belly button and ended just below my sternum.

According to the Old Wives I was having a boy.  For me they got it right.

* Another Old Wives Tale or Myth concerning the Linea Nigra is that the line itself serves as a ‘runway’ for baby.

Basically they say that once the baby is born it will be able to ‘crawl’ up its mother, following the line until it reaches the breasts.  This is also supposedly why the nipples are enlarged and the aureoles are darker, to make it easier for baby to find them.  This is all apparently a remnent of our time spent living in caves  and discovering fire.

Im not too sure how much of this is fact but I cant really see a new born managing to move all that way.  Maybe I’m wrong.  If anyone know more about it please let us know.