People have asked…

Are you having a baby shower?  What can we get you?

The answer is that as Jews we don’t have baby showers.  With a boy, gifts are brought to the Bris and with a girl, gifts are brought when people come and visit baby and mommy at home.

That being said people have asked what they can get us so I have made a list of the things we will need/want when theSQL arrives.  What would really be appreciated is new born nappies 🙂

Things for theSQL


  • Fitted crib sheets
  • Waterproof crib sheet
  • Swaddling blankets


  • Summer 0-3 months
  • Autumn/Winter 3-6 months
  • Winter/Spring 6-9 months
  • Summer 9-12 months


  • Baby lotion
  • Baby shampoo
  • Baby body wash
  • Wash cloths
  • Hooded towels
  • Cotton wool


  • Waterproof changing pad and cover
  • New born nappies – LOTS! I would be happy if this was all people gave us 🙂


  • Bottlebrush with teat attachment
  • Nuk new born dummies
  • Nuk Original new born bottle teats
  • No name brand bottles, that can fit the above teats
  • Breast milk storage containers from Pigeon
  • Bibs from MandiMoo
  • Burp cloths from MandiMoo
  • Bottle warmer


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    1. Yup, technically you are not supposed to buy anything for the baby before she arrives… its an old tradition, part of the reason we wait until 3 months to tell everyone we are pregnant, its to avoid the Evil Eye…
      Some very religious people wont say anything about being pregnant until they are 6/7 months along!

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