I think she has turned!

So, in this post my OB mentioned that theSQL will turn into a head down feet up (or vice versa) position soon and that it would hurt like a mother…

I think the last two days has been her turning, my belly was hard and sore constantly and I couldnt even touch it without being in pain.  Now the top of my belly, which was soft before, has gone harder and I am getting kicks/punches right under my ribs which I never had before.

Im not as sore today as I was yesterday, although Im still a little uncomfortable but Im sure I will get used to it 🙂


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  1. THis is really interesting – the feeling your baby turn – you’re the first person I’ve come across who’s talked about this.

    I was not warned – and everyone else I know had no idea when their baby turned. The experience was terrifying

    Disclaimer: i am 4’6 and at the time weighed abt 48kg or so, my baby was born wighing 2.5kg

    1. Thank heavens my OB told me what would happen, its scary!
      Im 5foot and am weighing about 56kg, baby is weighing just over 1kg at 26 weeks…

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