Day 08 → Someone who made your life hell, or treated you like shit

I seem to have missed a day, woops.  Oh well, today will be day 8 🙂

Sjoe… what a question… My mind immediately goes to this post.  But since writing that post I’ve actually let go of  it and moved on.

My next thought is that primary school was hell, I was teased mercilessly.  Not by just one person but by many.

I was always the smallest, shortest person and that made me an easy target.  I was also quite shy.  Some of the many names I was called were: shorty, small fry, midget.  I was also called flat face and lizard face, I broke my nose quite badly in Std 4/5 and as a result the bridge of my nose collapsed resulting in a very flat profile.  I only had my nose fixed when I turned 16 as this is supposedly the time that your face stops growing and changing.

I remember a specific incident of torment.  I was sitting in Math class behind a boy and a girl that I thought were friends.  They were telling rude jokes, one of them having a punchline involving BJ’s.  I laughed, it was a funny joke.  When they turned around they said I was laughing at nothing because I didn’t know what a BJ was.  Of course I did but being the shy type that I was I couldn’t bring myself to say the words Blow Job.  They never let me forget that and teased me daily about it.

From high school things changed, I moved to a new school in Std 6 and again in Std 7.  Dynamics changed.  Friendships were formed.  I grew a set.  I didnt let anyone bully me.  And I actually enjoyed high school.


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9 Replies to “Day 08 → Someone who made your life hell, or treated you like shit”

  1. I read this with a bittersweet smile. I was at the other end of the length-scale. 6 foot tall in Standard 5. Same teasing … different names 🙂

  2. OMW!! LOL! I remember lolling at a BJ joke once too.. had aboslutely NO idea what they were saying but refused to let them now it 😉

    I went home and asked my mom what a BJ was..and spent the rest of the afternoon regretting asking her 🙂 Hahahahahaa!!

    Glad you grew a set (and learnt to tuck them away) and didn’t let kids bully you anymore.. <– its the only way to travel 😉

  3. What worries me most about the teasing and bullying that goes on in school is the parents “couldn’t care less” attitude towards it. WTF since when is it ok to be mean to someone who is “different” no matter what the reason? I’m SO glad I home school, my boys self esteem is intact and he isn’t being teased for being the clever kid that he is.

  4. this is the second one of these that I read that was about bullying. I think it shows what lasting scar it can leave on people. Sad things is that it is usually kids with self esteem problems that do the bullying. Hard for parents and kids. No one should have to go through it

  5. I had thick glasses, braces and wild, curly hair. I was also the shorted and the skinniest. The result – I hated both primary and high school. Kids can honestly be so cruel and I was prime teasing fodder. Being shy didn’t help at all. Now, I have vowed to protect Baby Girl from that (although she’s so beautiful, she’ll won’t be teased – everyone will want to be her friend:-)), but if she is every in a situation where she is being bullied, I’ll put her in another school. I won’t hesitate and I won’t allow her to go through that.

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