Day 23 → Something you wish you had done in your life

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Finish my degree.

Or more accurately I wish I had started the degree I wanted to do instead of the one I thought I should do.

I wanted to become an archeologist.  Its a dream I have had for ages, partly inspired by these books.  Instead I let myself be convinced that I should do a BA Communications.  I hated it.

When I was held up in the house I was staying in during 2nd year and all my assignments and workbooks were stolen with the bag they were in, I used it as a convenient excuse to take a break and go overseas.  I never went back to finish that degree.

One day, when the kids are older, when I dont have to work  full time, then I will go and study what I am passionate about, it may not be archeology by then but it will be something I want to learn!

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