Me meme…

Ok, found this here, here and here!

Age – I will be 32 this year.

Bed size –King size extra length.  I used to have a regular double, then I moved in with Paul and I will never be able to sleep on anything smaller ever again!

Chore you hate – Cleaning the bath tub.  It never comes clean enough no matter what I do.

Dogs – 3 Daschunds, Salami, Bandit and Stuart.

Essential start to your day – I am not a morning person, it takes me at least an hour to thaw out, regardless of what time I wake up or how I start my day.

Favourite colour – Black.  It goes with everything.

Gold or silver – Platinum, white gold or silver.

Height – I am just shy of 5 foot.

Instruments that you can play – I took piano lessons as a kid with the intent to play the harp.  I sucked at it.  I cannot read music!

Job title – Card Controller

Kids – Aaron, 3 years 5 months old and Faith, 4 months old.

Live – Jozi!

Mom’s name – Lindy

Nicknames – G, Gi, Geen, GMama, Gnat (an amalgamation of my full name, Gina-Natalie)

Overnight hospital stays – So many, where to start… Tonsils as a child, many many teeth taken out as a child, 2 burst eardrums as a child, fixed a broken nose as a teenager, stayed for two nights for IV antibiotics due to a HS cyst on my lip, the birth of each of my kids and there are possibly more I have forgotten about…

Pet peeve – People who pull out to the right to turn left (and vice versa), kids not strapped into car seats, people who chew with their mouths open or talk with their mouths full, bad grammar and some more pet peeves here.

Quote from a movie – Martin Riggs: “Flied lice?” Uncle Benny: “Flied lice? It’s fried rice, you plick.” – Lethal Weapon 4

Righty or lefty – Righty.

Siblings – 2 brothers.

Time you wake up –Whenever the baby wakes up.

Underwear – G-strings during the day, boy shorts to sleep in.

Vegetables you dislike – I eat pretty much anything.  I dont like peas though unless they are the Koo baby peas out the tin.

What makes you run late – Paul! He runs on what we call Jacobson time… drives me nuts!

X-rays – Nose, teeth, hips.

Yummy food you make –I bake pretty well and I make a pretty mean roast chicken.

Zoo favourite animal – I like the primates and the elephants.

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  1. Feeling a bit of peer-meme-pressure there? 🙂

    I thought I was the only person that likes the Koo baby peas in the tin. Everyone else I’ve ever mentioned it to has replied with something along the lines of “ooh gross”.

    1. I hate ‘grown up’ peas… they are often hard or chewy, baby peas are soft and sweet and tasty 🙂

  2. for some strange reason I can’t see the pics on the butterflies post – will look at home.

    I also didn’t know if I was on the right blog because it looks different nearly every day 🙂 Heehee (if I were more competent technically, I’d change mine more regularly but the girl I booked to do my blog makeover is finally going to do mine soon)

    I hate all peas btw. The kids LOVE them – clearly they get it from D.

    1. Been trying a new theme and couldnt find a picture I liked for the header 🙂 Think I’ve settled on the flowers 🙂

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