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Somehow I never thought I would have a girl child.  Especially when my first born was a boy, I figured that was that, I would be  a boy mommy.  Then along came  Faith and with her a whole whack of questions girl related.

One of those questions is ear piercing.

My ears are pierced.  I was about 6 years old when my mom took me to the local jewelry store to have it done.  I remember the day clearly for two reasons.

One:  The jeweler  (arsehole!) made me sit on the stool and then stood at the other side of the store, asked me to turn my head and to hold still, he then lifted the piercing gun like a real gun and ‘took aim’, freaked me out good and proper.  He thought it was hilarious…

Two:  After calming me down, bribing me with wine gums and actually doing the piercing, it freaking hurt man!  I still get a twinge in my lobes when I think about it.

So here is my question…

When is the ideal time to get a little girls ears pierced?  Should I wait until she is older, should I take her now at 6 months?

It goes without saying that I have no issue with pierced ears on little girls, for the record though if she wants second/third holes or holes anywhere else on her body she needs to be 18 before I will let her!

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  1. as u know, i’m not a momma 🙂

    i had mine done when i was 12… it was not traumatic at all. Personally, I don’t like babies or *little* girls with pierced ears. If i ever have a daughter, i won’t do it before about 6 or 7… purely coz i don’t like how it looks.

  2. Our decision was to wait when she asks for it. She has now and we will do it soon after her ear operation next week. At Dischem they do it with two little “guns” at the same time – much better. Personally I do not like the little babas with pierced ears.

    Another thing to remember – you need to be able to look after your ears and earrings. A friend of ours little one at age 3 tried to take out a stud and left the butterfly part behind inside the hole. It had to be cut out.

    So in my opinion – older is better.

  3. My Mom had mine done when I was about a year old. I probably would do the same if it were my daughter. The trend (among my girl mommy friends) is to wait until the child actually asks for him. Don’t know if that is just what is more accepted nowadays. Good luck with whatever you decide though.x

  4. I had mine when I was 8 or 9 but they flamed up so badly my mom had to take the studs out. Had them re-done at 14 and put sleepers in. After my ordeal I decided to wait until Tash asked, which she did at 4. Of course after the 1st one she didn’t want the other done and wouldn’t let the lady near her and insisted I did it. That was tough.
    I wouldn’t do it at that age again, I think they need to be older as they hate the daily surgical spirits. It stings and at 4 they are not interested in any reasoning.

  5. Hi! After 2 Boys, I Too never thought I would have a Girl, Then I had 4. I had their ears pierced at 2 months. The reason being that they are so soft then that there is Very Little pain and then it’s done. You leave the earings in for 6 weeks, cleaning with HydrogenProxide, 3% daily and that’s it. Enjoy, Girls are Very Different from Boys. GailB.

  6. My girl child recently asked (5). So we’ll have it done for her birthday. At her school its a mix of having it done when they are babies or wait for them to ask.

  7. I think this is up to choice for the child (in my opinion). Me and hubby decided to leave ear piercings and growing of hair, up to our daughter when she is able to make the choice herself. She needs to make the choice herself and live with it.

  8. I took my daughters as a ‘treat’ for toilet training – they had asked for it and it was a good incentive for them… I took them to the jewellery shop in Norwood Mall, next to Dischem – was quick and painless – use Emla ( local anesthetic cream) 20 min before, you can get it over the counter at the pharmacy, works brilliantly.

  9. First time I had mine done was when I was 7. They got so infected that my mum eventually took the studs out and let them close.

    Next time was at 21. I still have the holes but my ears just don’t like having earrings in them – they get slightly inflamed and itchy even if I wear hypoallergenic earrings or 18ct gold. So I keep the holes open and wear earrings for big events.

    I have no idea what advice to give you for your little girl’s ears. Like some of the mum’s say, its easier now and they’ll heal up quickly. I’d still be inclined to wait until she asks for them.

  10. I would definitely wait until she asks. Personally I’m not a fan of little (baby) girls with earrings. They grow up so fast these days I’d prefer to let them be babies and little girls for as long as possible. My SIL waited until my niece asked at age 6. She has had no issues at all because C really wanted them, so no fears of pain etc.

  11. I love children to be children as long as possible so I am not planning to let Kendra’s ears be pierced anytime soon.

    Mine were done when I was 4 and I’ve had no problems ever.

    If she asks for earrings when she’s in school, we’ll discuss it then. I would let her but her dad is hugely overprotective. He doesn’t even want me putting a very light pink nail polish on her toes. She watches me when I do my nails and loves it.

  12. I am personally not a huge fan of babies with pierced ears…
    Not being a girl mommy myself, I made the knucklehead wait till he was 18 for piercing and tattoos. He pierced his own ear at 16 at a friend’s house, the little shit! If I were a girl mommy, I would most likely wait till she was older than 7 years old.

  13. With Nicola I decided to wait until she asks me to. That way I hope she’ll be at a stage where we can discuss it first and she’ll be aware that it hurts initially and that she has to keep it clean properly until it heals too. If she says she’s ready we’ll go for it. That’s how my parents did it with me, and I only got mine when I was 10.

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