Its a girl thing

**I have not been paid for this post nor have I even tried the products, this is just my opinion**

I was mucking about on the internet when I came across two sites/products that I wish had been around when I was younger*.

The first is {HelloFlo}, a service, that delivers on a monthly basis, a care package of tampons, pads and sweeties (cause who needs sweeties more than a premenstrual woman? No one, that’s who!) , tailor made to your needs.


The package is discreet and is sent to you 5 days before you will need it.

For someone like me who is very forgetful and pretty much always landed up going to the late night chemist at the last minute this would have been amazing!

One of the packages I like is for a mom (or dad) to get for their daughter before her first period, a {Period Starter Kit} that includes, tampons, pads, two booklets for mom and daughter, sweets and a Feby bracelet.

Unfortunately they don’t deliver outside of the USA ūüôĀ

The other product is the {Feby} bracelet I mentioned above.


I bracelet made up of coloured wooden beads that represent the days in your cycle. You dont have to wear the bracelet, just use it to keep track of your cycle by moving the knot in the string to the left of the relevant bead.

The beads are red (your period), white (regular days), pink (ovulation) and black (possible PMS days).

So with just a quick glance you can tell why you feel like stabbing your colleague with a letter opener.

I cant see on the site if they deliver overseas but I have asked them. They do deliver worldwide!

Ultimately both these products would have been a welcome addition to my younger years*.

* I say younger, since at the moment I dont get a period thanks to my {Mirena} ūüėČ

Talking about toilet training

Is 15 months too early to start training Faith?

The thing is, I think she understands where wee comes from.

When I go to the loo I tell her that mommy is making a wee, then she will clutch at her nappy and now she has started squatting and when I am finished she stands up and starts clapping.

Is it too early? ¬†Should I wait? How would I start training a girl? ¬†Aaron was easy, we made him wee in the garden, no mess, no fuss…


Sugar and spice and all things nice…

Somehow I never thought I would have a girl child.  Especially when my first born was a boy, I figured that was that, I would be  a boy mommy.  Then along came  Faith and with her a whole whack of questions girl related.

One of those questions is ear piercing.

My ears are pierced.  I was about 6 years old when my mom took me to the local jewelry store to have it done.  I remember the day clearly for two reasons.

One: ¬†The¬†jeweler¬† (arsehole!) made me sit on the stool and then stood at the other side of the store, asked me to turn my head and to hold still, he then lifted the piercing gun like a real gun and ‘took aim’, freaked me out good and proper. ¬†He thought it was hilarious…

Two:  After calming me down, bribing me with wine gums and actually doing the piercing, it freaking hurt man!  I still get a twinge in my lobes when I think about it.

So here is my question…

When is the ideal time to get a little girls ears pierced?  Should I wait until she is older, should I take her now at 6 months?

It goes without saying that I have no issue with pierced ears on little girls, for the record though if she wants second/third holes or holes anywhere else on her body she needs to be 18 before I will let her!

Girls Girls Girls

At the ripe old age (ha ha) of 30 I find myself with more female friends than I have ever had at any one time before.

Some are married, some are divorced, some are single, some have older kids, some have newborns and some dont have kids at all.

Some I have known for many many years, some I have only recently met and some I have known all my life.

Some I met at school, some I met at work and some I met through the internet.

I am truly blessed to be surrounded by these strong, capable, amazing women, to be able to learn from them, to commiserate with them and celebrate with them.

To you all, you know who you are, thank you for enriching my life with your friendships.