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I came across an article on Circle of Moms recently about questions pregnant women and new moms get asked that make you want to stab the asker between the eyes with a nail file and it got me thinking about a series of posts from Pregnant Chicken that made me laugh.

My all time favourite question is:

So, are you feeding her (flick of the eyes towards my boobs)?

My answer: No, we let her forage for herself…

I mean really!  Is the word breastfeeding so hard to say?!

What were/are the questions that make you stabby?

3 Replies to “Q & A…”

  1. What a cute baby. What did you name him?
    Um…she is clearly dressed in pink wrapped in a pink swaddling blanket. I called “her” Zoe….
    That’s just one of many 🙂

  2. For me its not so much questions as statements, as if everyone becomes an expert and there are no holds barred!
    “You have to breastfeed!”
    “You know bottle is best!”
    “You have to have a natural birth!”
    “You have to co-sleep!”
    “You must never co-sleep!”

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